UN: Humanity’s very survival is at risk

The speed at which mankind has used the Earth’s resources over the past 20 years has put “humanity’s very survival” at risk, a study involving 1,400 scientists has concluded.

… each person in the world now requires a third more land to supply his or her needs than the Earth can supply.

Thirty per cent of amphibians, 23 per cent of mammals and 12 per cent of birds are under threat of extinction, while one in ten of the world’s major rivers runs dry every year before it reaches the sea.

Cited from Timesonline


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Harga jual listrik PLTP

Purnomo mengatakan, secara bertahap harga jual panas bumi (geotermal) akan mencapai 5 dollar AS per kWh dalam kurun 30 tahun kontrak pembangkit listrik. Pada kurun 10 tahun pertama produksi, harga jual geotermal kemungkinan masih di atas 5 sen dollar AS per kWh guna pengembalian investasi, namun secara bertahap akan turun menjadi 5 sen dollar per kWh.
(dikutip dari Kompas, 24 Oktober 2007)

“Harga listrik dari sumber energi panas bumi 6 sen dollar AS per kilowatt jam, dari sumber energi batu bara 3 sen dollar AS. Produksi listrik dari panas bumi tidak mendapat subsidi, sedangkan dari batu bara mendapat subsidi,” kata Direktur Pusat Teknologi Konversi dan Konservasi Energi Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (BPPT) Arya Rezavidi, Kamis (11/10).
(dikutip dari Kompas, 12 Oktober 2007)

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Economics of tackling climate change

The third report from an international group of scientists on the effects of climate change focuses on how to reduce carbon emissions and minimise their effects. The article provide a guide to the key areas where the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) believes the reductions can be achieved.

Full text article at BBC News

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Climate threat to biodiversity

Global temperatures predicted for the coming centuries could trigger a mass extinction, UK scientists have warned. The temperatures are within the range of greenhouse phases early in the Earth’s history when up to 95% of plants and animals died out, they say.

Full text article at BBC News

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World’s carbon dioxide emissions rising at alarming rate

“Carbon dioxide is rising at a much faster rate than before,” says study co-author Christopher Field, director of the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology in California. “In the 1990s, CO2 emissions increased by about 1.3% per year. Since 2000, the growth rate has been 3.3% per year.” The researchers calculate that global carbon-dioxide emissions were 35% higher in 2006 than in 1990.

Canadell says that while the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts “we will have temperature increases of 3.2 to 7.1 degrees by the end of the century, … we’re well on the way to the higher temperature increase if the emissions keep going up at this rate.”

Full text article at USAToday.com

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Japan questions Indonesia`s gas supply policy

Japanese businessmen grouped in Nippon Keidanren (Kadin`s Japanese counterpart) have started to wonder about Indonesia`s gas supply policy after the Indonesian government prioritized the meeting its domestic needs, rather than exports to Japan. Chairman of Nippon Keidanren Fuji Mitarai told chairman of the Regional Representatives Council DPD) Ginandjar Kartasasmita about this development … (lebih…)

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Pemerintah targetkan tanam 1,6 miliar pohon

Pemerintah pun bertekad segera melakukan perbaikan hutan. Pemerintah menargetkan akan menanam 1,6 miliar pohon yang akan ditanam di 900 ribu hektar lahan. Langkah awal yang akan dilakukan Pemerintah adalah melakukan penanaman pohon secara bersama-sama dengan jumlah 79 ribu pohon yang akan digelar serentak di Indonesia pada 27 November 2007 mendatang. “Target kita menanam 2 miliar pohon dan pada tahun 2007 ini kita targetkan 1,6 miliar pohon ini diluar program penanaman 79 ribu pohon,” kata MS Kaban.

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